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About is the personal blog of a girl named Vicky. It houses various ramblings, life updates, and arts and crafts.

If you have been redirected here from or, you may be wondering where you are. I used to own a freeware graphics site and a collective, but life and new hobbies left both of those sites unattended and neglected. After many years, I’ve finally decided to retire both. Unfortunately, you will not be finding any freeware graphics here. However, I have linked a few of my favorite graphic sites and collectives on the links page, so feel free to go take a look there!

This is the first time I’ve had a personal blog, so expect a lot of random entries and off-topic rambling.

Got a question, comment, or just want to say hi? You can reach me at!

The Girl

me My name is Vicky, I’ve gone by both Sakuya and Mei on the internet, and there are still some friends who call me that. I like comic books, RPGs, board games, fluffy animals, and playing around with makeup, just to name a few things. (And long walks on the beach? –Just kidding, I don’t like sand. It’s course and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.) Once in a while, I like to dress up as fictional characters (aka “cosplay”). I’m just starting out in creating my own outfits and accessories, but the community is incredibly welcoming and it’s fun to be able to create things with your own hands, even if it looks like a kindergartener made them!

Sometimes, I talk about my dog, Hermes, who has his own instagram at @hermestheblur. (No, I’m not an obsessive dog mommy… what are you talking about?) We recently just adopted a kitten as well named Diana. (After Wonder Woman, who is one of my favorite comic book characters!) My dream is to open an animal rescue but I’d need to have a big house and some funding for that first. So for now, I will continue to slowly collect furbabies.

I’m a feminist, and the specific topics that strike most to me are sexual education, rape culture, and sexuality, and sexual identity. I volunteer for a local rape crisis center as an advocate on their 24 hour crisis hotline, and while I would never discuss anything from the hotline itself, there may be blog entries from time to time about rape culture and things I have learned from our yearly recertification trainings.

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